Wilkinson 6 point tremolo

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This 6 vs. 2 point tremolo talk..

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We have more than one tremolo for sale so please contact us for any multiple purchases. This sale is only while stocks last so be quick to buy this tremolo at this bargain price! For more information go to website: www. Wilkinson Deluxe WVP SB.

Wilkinson Push-In This is an upgrade from the 6-point vintage style tremolo bridge used on the Standard Stratocaster and the American Vintage Stratocaster. Fender has been using the 2-point synchronized tremolo since The biggest advantage of the 2-point synchronized tremolo is tuning stability.

So removing 4 of the mounting points present in the vintage style tremolo reduces the number of friction points by that same amount. Floyd Rose developed the 2-point tremolo for the very simple reason of increasing tuning stability. I always lube these two pivot points with a shot of Big Bends Nut Sauce to reduce the friction even farther and it makes the pivots silky smooth.

I much prefer them to the bent steel saddles present on the vintage tremolo unit. I like the solid block saddles because of their more massive feel which I believe gives the string better sustain. Speaking of sustain, the deluxe 2-point tremolo also features a solid block of metal to increase the sustain of the strings.

It also helps to counterbalance the pull of the strings against the pull of the tremolo springs. The American Deluxe Stratocaster features a pop-in tremolo arm that mounts in this tremolo block. There are adjustment screws on the tremolo block that adjust how easy or hard to make the tremolo arm pop-in as well as how easy or hard it is to swing the tremolo arm out of the way.

It makes the process a lot easier and a lot faster. I also use the lube on all the bridge saddles as well as the slots in the nut that the string slide through. Finally I put a little nut sauce on the string tree and my American Deluxe Stratocaster stays perfectly in tune even with the occasional dive-bomb on the tremolo. On a Strat plus deluxe, can you substitute a Fender American 2 point synchronized trem bridge for Floyd Rose 2 point locking system of course you have to get a new plastic back cover to string through body without removing the cover.

I have a Fender on another and it seems to work just fine with my style and it seems far more convenient than the Rose. I have a Deluxe HSSit looks as the one in the picture above but with the humbucker. After i had a teck guy that i know does good work look at it it dosnt stay in tune as it did before. I dont know what i have done with and i have had him doing it twice. I have no string tree on mine but i have staggered tunders and LSR Roller Nut, i have always had my thought on if i should add a string tree or not?

Your email address will not be published. Thanks for your answer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Load More. Show less.Advanced design improves sustain and tuning accuracy over traditional style tremolos.

This bridge features stainless steel saddles, arm, and studs. It has an easy detachable arm with a nylon adjustment collar for very smooth operation. All the plating features a honed satin finish. For mounting, this bridge is the ultimate in self-alignment. The left stud locates the bridge in its half circle detent and the other rests against a straight blade for consistent, accurate pivoting and position. This is a proven, excellent bridge design. Studs interfere with pickguard.

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However, we may be unable to answer the phones. For the quickest help with questions, please email sales warmoth. Hardware Search. Description Reviews Advanced design improves sustain and tuning accuracy over traditional style tremolos. Drilled for. Recessed Wilkinson Tremolo Routing. Average Rating: based on 4 reviews. Showing 4 Reviews:.

Really, the second I started playing 5 or 6 gigs a week as a pro I realised how impractical a Floyd Rose was on stage - unless you are using a full time guitar tech and enough spare guitars!

The Wilkinson has been brilliant and works beautifully, no problems at all with tone, it sounds great, and keeps you in tune. I suggest you get a pro to install as this is important and makes a big difference.

Nice smooth feel, very easy to do nice vibrato with the bar. Combined with a set of locking tuners, the guitar keeps tune perfectly it might have even without the locking tuners, I don't know.By wkrantz7February 6, in Electric Guitars.

I have a 2-point floating non-locking trem slot in my strat body, and I'm looking into various bridges- in particular the VS since I've read good things and since I have one on a guitar I love.

Is this the best 2-point trem and does anyone know the damn difference between the different kinds? I have had 2 Wilkensons. I think they were about the best around.

I like the offset g string saddle makes it easier to intonate.

wilkinson 6 point tremolo

The other was a vintage trem with the 6 holes. I have bought the Fender vintage trem and it broke strings and I think I picked up a lot of sustain when I changed over as well. I've used Wilkinsons, vintage Gotohs, and a couple of generic models the no-names, such as you GFS types over the years.

The Gotohs I've used are older models, but are very similar to the Wilkinsons different string saddles. Both are high-quality units, but I would say the Wilkinson is about the best, as far as quality. There are some "boutique" trem units that are similar and probably superior to the Wilkie, but I haven't personally used one, so I can't really comment on them.

I've seen ads somewhere for them Wilkinson bought the patent for Gotohs. Think Schaller vs. Which one is better? Who's to say, really Not sure what you mean about "different kinds", but I know they make models to fit "imports" as well as your Fender American guitars. Perhaps that's what you mean? Oh, the Wilkinsons seem to be a lot easier to buy parts for than the vintage Gotoh's, too. It's a real crap-shoot if you need to buy a replacement arm for a Gotoh. I've bought 3 that said they would fit, and only one did!

I just switch it between guitars, lol. Sweet man, thanks for the advice- I'm gonna go with a VS What do you think is the best way of figuring out if it fits? You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead.

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wilkinson 6 point tremolo

Upload or insert images from URL.By SekatorMay 9, in Electric Guitars. I notice that Warmoth is pushing the Wilkinson tremolo a lot most of their showcase bodies are predrilled for it :. Is this a worthy alternative to the locking nut approach of a Floyd Rose? What are it's limitations compared to that one, etc.? It's more of a contender to the vintage style 6 screws on a strat. Could work better with a locking nut, although it might be alright with rollers, the guitars I have with them are all trad.

Wilkinson trems hold tuning pretty well, but not as well as a Floyd Rose. The Floyd will take much more abuse, such as dive-bombing so the strings hang loose from the guitar, or pulling up to raise the pitch by 5 notes. I just wish I could find a replacement tremolo arm for the thing with the thickness of a Floyd tremolo arm. The Wilkinson arm is dinky. Couldn't have said it better myself, except that you can do more than a light flutter with it, but I wouldn't suggest one if you go crazy on the bar all the time.

Wilkinsons are easier to use than Floyds. Easier to intonate etc. As already mentioned, they don't take quite as much abuse as a Floyd but they do stay in tune quite well with a well made nut roller, graphite or some other slippery material. On most guitars they are not routed for as much up pull as Floyds. You can post now and register later.

The COMPLETE DIY guide to installing a FLOYD ROSE Tremolo in a Stratocaster

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6 String 6 Screw Synchronized Tremolo Bridge

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wilkinson 6 point tremolo

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Your Contacts Guitars. Help Page Contact Us. Service Postal Address.Positioning the bridge Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator. Great tremolo. Quality as expected and an easy install. I was never into much dive bombing but I did a floating setup and amazed how well it returns to tune.

Also I thought this may be difficult to go thru all the setup, individual string height and intonation. Instead it went very well I went with the black as I wanted to create the stealth look on my build. Good buy and StewMac is always great with fast shipping and items in stock. Easy install. Greatly improved my Chinese made Stratocaster. As usual, great service of quality products from StewMac. I've been using the service for many years on occasion and I've never been disappointed.

Thanks for the Tech Tips too, balanced the trem very easily. Thanks as always. My stock 6-screw tremolo was impossible to keep in tune, so I got the Wilkinson and could not be happier. It is noticeably heavier with the steel block, and gives me some good sustain. The stainless saddles are beautiful and also feel good on your hand with the rounded shape. The push in adjustable arm is also very nice.

It is so easy to just pull it out and push it in, and I have it adjusted to stay in place. Together with locking tuners and alnico pickups, my Squire feels and sounds like my American deluxe Strat. Lastly, I have the bridge adjusted to dive deep and come up a half-step, and it always returns back to tune.

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